Frequently Asked Questions


What is the lead time for custom Bag Stuffers and Base Shapers?

7-10 days within Metro Manila and 10-14 days for provincial upon payment of orders. Our Bag Stuffers and cushions are made to order

Do you do same day delivery?

Yes we do same day delivery via Lalamove within Metro Manila for everything on the website except our customized orders. Just message us via Viber 0927-9437625.

All Products

I’m worried about color transfer and bleeding. Are my bag/s and shoes going to be safe with your products from color transfer?

We know your bags are precious and expensive that is why it is our utmost priority to color test ALL our products before we even purchase our raw materials so yes, our products are SAFE from color transfer and bleeding.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes we do, please email us at or Viber us at 0927-9437625 for inquiries.

I’m interested in being a reseller. Do you have a Reseller Program?

Yes we do, please email us at or Viber us at 0927-9437625 for inquiries.

Are your products customizable?

Yes some of our products are such as our Bag Stuffers, Base Shapers, Dust Bags, Bag Organizers, etc. Just email us at or Viber us at 0927-9437625 for inquiries and we will send you specific directions on how to go about the process.

Bag Stuffers and Cushions

What is the difference between Bag Stuffers and Bag Cushions?

They serve the same purpose; we just call them Bag Stuffers under the Essential line and Bag Cushions for our Privé line.

What is inside your Bag Stuffers and cushions?

We use a good quality fiber fill to fill up our Bag Stuffers and cushions.

Can I also have my initials / logo embroidered on your Essentials Bag Stuffers?

Yes, we do, for an additional fee and longer lead time. Just email us at or Viber 0927-9437625.

Base Shapers

How do I measure my bags to yield a good fitting Base Shaper?

Make sure to straighten and measure the base of your bag in CM and from INSIDE your bag. It is to ensure that your made to order Base Shaper will fit. This is to inform you that we will make the Base Shaper to the exact measurement as you inform us. We will not be liable if the Base Shaper will not fit your bag after we have produced it with the right measurements you have provided. We will only replace the Base Shaper if we fail to follow the measurements that you provided us.

What is the material of your Base Shapers?

We use man-made leather specifically used for upholstery to ensure that they are flexible can be sanitized and wiped with alcohol without cracking and bleeding.

Handle Wraps

Do your Handle Wraps come in pairs?

Yes, our Handle Wraps are sold by the pair.

Dehumidifiers and Odor Absorbers

What are your Dehumidifiers made of?

They are made of silica gel.

How long do the Dehumidifiers and Odor Absorbers last for?

About a year or two depending on the weather but if you feel like they are not working anymore, don’t throw them out just yet! Just place them under the sun the whole day and they will be fully reactivated again.

What are your Odor Absorbers made of?

Our Activated Charcoal is charcoal from coconuts that underwent a specific oxidation process to make it extremely porous. It is largely used to purify air. Since it is porous and negatively charged, it has the ability to draw positively charged substances to itself like bad odor, some viruses and bacteria that can cause harm to our health. Our Activated Charcoal sachets are powerful odor remover and air purifier and are 100% safe, environmental friendly and local.

s there an expiration date on your Dehumidifiers and Odor Absorbers?

There is really no expiration date on both of them as long as they are in their sealed packaging and even better if you place them in an airtight container.

How much space can one sachet of Dehumidifier and Odor Absorber cover?

One sachet of our Dehumidifiers could suffice for an area of an average shoe box.

Why can’t I place the Odor Absorbers inside my shoes or bags?

ust for safety reasons, because our Odor Absorbers are charcoal and could mark your bags and shoes if in case the packets break but we also want to assure you that our Odor Absorber packs are double lined. They will still work even when placed in your closets, shoe boxes, etc.

Can your Dehumidifiers eliminate odors as well?

They don't, but they eliminate moisture buildup that could cause molds and the moldy smell that goes with it.

Can your Odor Absorbers eliminate long time "cabinet smell" in bags?

Yes they do but not instantly, it will take a while depending on how bad and how long the bag is stored. In the case of our Odor Absorbers, prevention is better.

Dust Bags and Premium Dust Bags

What is the difference between your Dust Bags and Premium Dust Bags and are they washable?

Our Dust Bags are made of thick, non-woven material and are not washable. They are meant to be replaced after wear and tear but that would take years. Our Premium Dust Bags are made of thick silky cloth and could be hand washed and hang dried.

Chain Shorteners

What is the material of the Chain Shorteners, do they rust?

Our Chain Shorteners are made of zinc alloy metal and do not rust.

Does the color of your Chain Shorteners fade?

They could fade but it takes a long period of time and depends on the exposure to elements. Just make sure to not always expose them to chemicals.

Bag Organizers

Are your Bag Organizers customizable?

Yes they are. Just email us at or Viber us at 0927-9437625. Just give us the dimensions and we will quote for the price and will let you choose from the available colors we offer. Please be informed that we will follow the dimensions you submit to us exactly and will not be liable if the finished product will not fit your bag. We will only be liable if we did not follow the dimensions you provided.

What are the options available for your customized Bag Organizers?

For colors, Our Bag Organizers are available in black, red, gray and beige. There are also 2 kinds of thickness that we offer. We recommend using the thinner felt material for smaller bags as to not take up any more space.