Keeping Your Bags Protected

Keeping Your Bags Protected


There is no doubt that every person spends a decent amount of money on bags. It goes without saying that it is paramount to look after these valuables so that we can enjoy wearing them for as long as possible—if not, forever.

Here's the reality: our anxieties are heightened with the ongoing situation of the pandemic and as we wait for things to stabilize, people are taking every single precaution they can to protect themselves against any and all illnesses.

Recent studies show that accessories can harbor up to 10,000 types of bacteria. World Health Organization shared that these bacteria can stay on the surface for a few hours or up to several days. While our hands may be the primary carriers of the virus, it's more likely that our bags may be next.

While we can always wash our hands, use alcohol or hand sanitizers, we can't use the same to disinfect our luxury handbags. Truth is, disinfecting them is not as simple as the 20-second hand-washing technique.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your precious handbags are kept safe and protected—while still remaining stylish along the way. Introducing Love My Bags.

A company founded in 2009 by Mewa Martinez, Love My Bags was born out of her fascination and love for bags, promoting proper care. With a lot of companies focused more on repairing, Martinez filled in that gap by offering care and prevention for bags.

With the help of Love My Bag's many bag care products, we list down a few ways on how to treat and protect your gorgeous investment bags.

Keep the Shape

Keep your bags sag- and wrinkle-free while using them with the Base Shaper. It likewise keeps the base of your bags clean and things more organized. Made of genuine leather, the Base Shaper allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the base. It is available in two sizes—Small (P650), which fits in a Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Small and Medium (P750), which fits in a Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Medium.


Always Protect It

People have the tendency to place their handbags on any surface. As a result, the bag may be in contact with unnecessary viral droplets. Rather than constantly wiping the surface of your bags every chance you get (because we know that's not good too), It's easier to prevent any droplets from getting on the bag by using the Bag Coat. Think of this as the PPE for your bag. Available in three sizes (Extra Small - L 13in x H 11in, P345; Small - L 18in x H 13in, P410; Medium - L 22in x H 15in, P535) and made with soft, durable, and wrinkle-free material, this foldable Bag Coat comes with its own water-repellant pouch. Simply place your Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote inside the Bag Coat when you head out, take out the bag after, and easily wipe it clean to disinfect without worry of any damage .


Don't Forget the Handles

Handbag handles are a danger zone; the more often the handbag is used, the more likely natural oils—and potentially the virus—are transferred from your hands onto the leather. A little effort to protect them goes a long way. The washable Handle Wraps (P395) not only protect the handles of your bags, they accessorize them as well. Wrapping this around the handles of your handbag is a great way of reducing cross-contamination. Worry not—the wraps are safe from color transfer and will not stain your bags. Take off the wraps and wash them after every use.


Order is Key

Use the Bag Organizer to keep your handbag from becoming a jumbled mess. Simply insert this in your bag and fill the compartments with your daily necessities. If you decide to switch purse for the day, just take out the insert and swap into the other bag. A Medium bag organizer (P1,250) has nine interior slots and three exterior slots and fits in an MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote. The smaller variation (P1,050) has six interior slots and three exterior slots.

While protecting your bags from any bacteria getting on your surface, we must also remember that proper bag storage is key to prolonging your bag's condition.


Stuff It

Stuffing your handbag is akin to cleaning it and is necessary to prolong its life. Depending on the structure and material of your bag, the Bag Stuffer provides support and reinforcement when a bag may otherwise slump, fall, or soften in storage over time. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit in your Camera Bag (P550), Boston 30 or doctor's bag (P750), Shopper Tote MM (P750), Medium Flap (P550), Jumbo Flap (P690), and a Medium Satchel (P750). The Medium Flap Bag Stuffer fits perfectly in a Rebecca Minkoff Edie Flap Shoulder Bag!


Get Covered

Keeping your handbags covered is also an important care requirement. If the original dust bag is no longer available or there was none when you purchased the bag, use a soft breathable fabric like the Scarfbags™ (P550). Get into the habit of storing your handbag like Chloe Medium Satchel back in a protective cover so you don't have to worry about any fungus or bacterial growth.

Ideally, the room you store your handbags in should also be kept at a cool temperature and away from sunlight to avoid the spread of bacteria and avoid damage or deterioration.

Treat with Respect

Protect your bags from harmful humidity, moisture, molds, mildew, fungus, odor, and rust by placing a sachet of Dehumidifier (P195/pack of 6) in your bag's storage. Make sure you protect them as well from odor or bacteria by placing one sachet of Odor Absorber (P195/pack of 6) in your bag container, even closet.

Whether you are using your bag daily, once a week, a few times in a month, it is always recommended to always take care of your bags—inside and out. Sanitize everything you put inside and leave out items that are not needed.

Bags are so important in pulling an outfit together. It is definitely worth to maintain its quality for as long as you can. True to her brand's tagline, Martinez guarantees that all her products will "keep bags in tiptop condition."

Love My Bags is currently available in-stores at Rustan's Makati, 2nd Floor, Women's Bridgeline and at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza, 2nd Floor, Women's Shoes & Bags.

Connect to Rustan's through Viber via our stores' designated numbers (Rustan's Makati - +639178432348 or +639178430672; Rustan's Shangri-La - +639178386598 or +639178163423) and our Personal Shopper on Call can shop for you. For more information, click here.

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